Pre-Audit Surveys

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April 26, 2024
Pre-Audit Surveys

Pre-Audit Surveys


What is a pre-audit?

Pre-audits virtually have nothing to do with the final audit. Pre-Audits are carried out by the customer before the final audit so that they have a rough idea of their situation and can take the necessary steps to introduce a change in the company's organizational structure.

One of the major reasons for a pre-audit is for companies and businesses to focus on issues or check their overall performance.


Digital Platforms

Pre-audits and consultants go hand in hand. All types of businesses, companies, and SMEs are in touch with consultants on digital platforms that provide them with valuable information regarding their issues and performance.

Digital platforms employ conversations as a platform where consultants are in touch with their customers throughout, and with the personalized questions specifically tailored to meet the criteria of the customer, they can make informed decisions.



Pre-audits, as afore-mentioned, have nothing to do with the final audit which is why the approach is slightly different. However, the main purpose of the pre-audit is to lay out the strengths and weaknesses of the company so they can interact with their consultant and make informed decisions.

The auditor works alongside the customer and draws up a survey plan which may cover the whole business, a single process or site. With an audit-like methodology, they hold employee interviews and assess the management. Then, the auditor writes an initial report and a second full assessment report.. The pre-audit survey is extremely valuable to ensure that the business is in compliance with the rules at the time of the final audit and allows improvement in the management.


How pre-audit surveys help consultants


Pre-audit surveys help consultants tremendously and their clients benefit highly from this analysis. This analysis allows companies to assess their situation and save on costs before the final audit is carried out.

Pre-audit surveys carry advantages for the consultants as well as the clients. This initial approach creates a safety net and allows smaller structures and smaller businesses to clearly assess the situation they are in and make their decisions keeping the said situation in mind. The pre-audit surveys allow them to weigh their options regarding the final audit and what it means in terms of investments.

After the initial analysis is done, the survey provides the clients with the grey areas that are the ones that could use improvements also providing them with opportunities to address said grey areas.

Moreover, they also confirm the schedule to implement the procedures. Initial certification saves you from a world of trouble before the final audit so you can tackle the areas that need improvements and work.



That’s where consultants come in. Digital platforms like Leadseed use conversation as a platform to serve their clients and provide them the best possible solutions. Platforms like Leadseed provide a digital methodology for smart discussions with consultants. The personalized questions ensure the best possible service as they provide you the service you need from the informations you provide them. Hence, pre-audit surveys boost the activity and clientele of consultants. Consultants help the clients tackle the problematic areas that need work.



As afore-mentioned, the personalized questions make you close to the consultants so that they can best address your situation. Consequently, consultants, courtesy of the pre-audit survey, can explain the grey areas and what they could mean for existing as well as future clients and advise the best mode of action to their clients to handle those areas. Other than that, pre-audit surveys are also constructive in assuring organizations that they conform to the rules and requirements.


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