The Importance of Multichannel Lead Generation

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April 26, 2024
The Importance of Multichannel Lead Generation

The Importance of Multichannel Lead Generation

Getting potential customers to engage with you is a two-way street.  You have to attract your customers and sustain their interest. That’s where Multichannel Lead Generation strategy comes in. The result of addressing your customers the wrong way, the wrong timing, or not emphasizing on potential services and prospects, can prove disastrous. On the same note, addressing the wrong audience will just culminate in you losing precious time and money.


What is B2B lead generation?

B2B lead generation is a step in the initial stages of the sales process. A lead is a potential customer represented by his name, email address, company name, and job title. These B2B leads are company decision makers and potential customers.

The purpose of B2B lead generation is to create a pipe-line consisting of prospects that can be turned into customers.


Best Ways for B2B lead generation

B2B marketers need to realize the optimal ways to convert your leads into customers. B2B marketers need to repair their marketing funnel before channeling traffic onto the landing page. Contact forms are extremely important as they separate leads from non-leads, and prevent you from losing potential customers because of your marketing campaigns.

  1. Set objectives

Each company is different but the approaches designed to measure lead generation activity are pretty much the same.

  • Marketing qualified leads (MQL)

Marketing qualified leads are leads generated by potential customers when the company obtains their personal information. It doesn't necessarily mean that all those deals will be closed.

  • Sales qualified leads (SQL)

Sales qualified leads are leads generated by sales or coming from marketing that are mature enough to be considered as “hot”.

  • Number of sales closed

This approach involves those leads which close deals and become customers.

Companies and marketers should employ both of these approaches. Marketing qualified leads allow you to evaluate the number of people you are attracting, and the number of sales you close allows you to keep your lead generation activity up.


  1. Relevant content

You need to develop the right content for your audience. Otherwise, you would just be barking up the wrong tree.

Relevant content transcends an email or a call follow-up. To attract customers, you need to court them. Intentions for the content on different channels is different but revolves around

  • Emails may increase traffic
  • Web content can increase sign-ups and interactions
  • Call scripts can close sales

According to all marketing (and social selling) studies “The more the content is personalized, the higher the audience engagement will be.”


  1. Enable sales

Multi-channel lead generation marketers need to keep a track of their leads through their sales teams and have a support system to push it over the line. Marketers need to have tailored conversations for their audience, which ultimately leads to an increase in sales and traffic.

Personalized Content

Personalized content and targeted conversation are the fastest and most efficient ways to interact with your customers. Advertisements can get customers to your website, but from their on, they are on their own. If navigating your site is tedious, or the content is not displayed attractively, the customer may leave, which is why you need to give them something to get something. Hence, personalized content thanks to a tailored conversation. If you give the customer what they want immediately, in an attractive manner, the sale is almost a done deal.

Targeted conversation and personalized content involve giving the customer the necessary information to see if you can fulfill their requirements through online assets or telemarketing. It can help increase site traffic, drive sales, and offer consults to customers. LeadSeed is a major help with this as it helps you generate leads using the best technology.


The major advantages of LeadSeed are:

  1. Perfect asset

The contact with the customer should be at the perfect time with the most appropriate asset so that it is not intrusive. The ad or email doesn’t need to pop open on their screens the minute they log on and display a random content to them. LeadSeed allows you to build a tailored approach, with decision trees of questions and answers that will drive respondents to the right content.

  1. Right message

Messages to customers need to be appealing and personalized, not sound tedious and oft-repeated. To seal the deal, you need to make your customers feel special by bringing him the right information on its unique situation or environment.

  1. Multiple ways

You can distribute the digital asset through any digital marketing channel and even delegate it to your third part partners (especially if your business relies on distributors or integrators).


Marketing Channels

Depending on the marketing industry, B2B marketing channels can differ in accordance to the audience.

The marketing channels at your disposal to increase lead generation are:

  • Conferences / Showcases / Events / Webinars
  • Content marketing (Blogs)
  • Emailing
  • Ads / Retargeting
  • Outbound calling / Telemarketing
  • Paid search
  • Partner or referral marketing
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Traditional media
  • Webinars

The game-changer in digital marketing is marketing automation which uses hybrid email and social media marketing tools that connect to your CRM and allow you to automatically send targeted emails with personalized messages according to the recipients (company size, role, status, etc.). Similarly, LeadSeed is a game-changer in term of conversation you’ll have with your audience and allow you to dynamically play a conversation and offer personalized output.


LeadSeed is a B2B Conversation As A Platform (CaaP) generating qualified lead using the “give and get” principle and building trust to develop relationships. It combines the latest digital marketing technic with proven sales methodology.






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