Poly - Transform your Working Environment

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April 26, 2024
Poly - Transform your Working Environment


The evolution of technology constantly forces us to adapt our way of working and our workspace so that everyone is in optimal conditions to carry out their missions.

However, accommodating our work practices according to these constant changes can be complicated, which is why Connexing and Poly allow everyone to work where and when they are most efficient, creative, and all this while respecting the work environment.

A recent study conducted by Poly on working environments highlighted three critical areas in optimizing these: comfort, mobility, and collaboration.



Is the layout of your work environment efficient? It is essential to avoid a noisy work environment, which can be caused by noisy colleagues, poor room acoustics, or telephone calls. All of these factors can generally lead to a lack of concentration. A good environment improves the serenity and productivity of employees. An increase in well-being and quality of life at work will make your company more agile and responsive.

  • Change your behavior: Communicate in a low voice, reduce the volume of communication devices, use meeting rooms if several people are having a conversation...
  • Arrange spaces that will absorb disturbing noise, block sound dissipation, and cover any sound interruption.
  • Adopt the best possible technologies so that everyone can actively participate in business life without distractions.



Your employees need flexible, mobile, and remote work solutions. No need to stay at the office all day. With innovative solutions, employees can work anywhere. However, it is important to ensure that distance does not affect communication between each actor in the company. This requires setting clear objectives so that everyone knows their role precisely. Promoting Bring Your Own Device/Choose Your Own Device can help to ensure regular and clear communication.

To achieve this goal, it is important to implement mobile applications to improve productivity, use cloud computing solutions so that everyone can access corporate information if necessary, and offer unified communications solutions so that all devices can communicate with one another.


Technological change means that employees no longer need to be in the same place at the same time to work, and this is beneficial for their motivation and efficiency. Teams must be structured in ways that make it easy to share information in an agile and fast way.  To make this possible, it is necessary to:

  • Modify culture and behavior by introducing a new wave of collaboration into the company.
  • Ensure that teams have a clear understanding of how to use collaborative tools.
  • Be aware of everyone's availability.


Would you like to review your organization in these three areas?

Do you want to understand how to improve efficiency and productivity?

Do you want to adopt a modern working environment?


Connexing and Poly have developed an online tool for diagnosing the work environment of organizations. After a few minutes of sharing your challenges, your environment, and your strategy, you will receive a personalized report of about twenty pages that will offer:

  • An analysis of your situation in these 3 areas – comfort, mobility, collaboration.
  • A set of best practices and recommendations adapted to your environment.
  • A proposal of the best technological solutions adapted to your challenges. (This survey is in french language only)



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