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Business Case TOSHIBA

"Le marketing de contenu génère 3 fois plus de leads que le marketing traditionnel." - Marketo
Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta - Webinaire

"+34% de leads comparé à une campagne classique" : comment Konica Minolta France réinvente sa génération de leads.


“We are very pleased with what the platform has enabled us to do with our prospects & existing customers” - CMO, Citrix
Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta France

"After more than 2 years the overall results are very good with more than 150 leads per month" Nathalie FRAIN

HPE Cloud Builder

The consultative selling approach has opened up a relationship with partners and revealed significant new potential revenue.

Microsoft Windows 10 migration

Microsoft has generated highly qualified leads on Windows 10 and increased the OS migration rate on the French market.

ServiceNav – Case Study

We increase by 30% our win rate and we also increased by 15% our sales with the same sales team.

Oracle – Case Study

Compared to an ebook or a gated material, we have analyzed that LeadSeed’s approach is much more efficient.

SYNTEC – Case Study

The barometer really met their needs with an adapted text which gave us a good response rate.

OBS – Case Study

This tool allows Orange Business Services to display an innovative, original and effective commercial approach.


This tool has allowed us to have a 360° vision of the needs and future of the companies that are our customers.


Partners are at the heart of HPE, and the use of LeadSeed enables us to continue to be agile and easy for our partners to work with.




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