Powerful builder

Build powerful, beautiful smart forms or questionnaires and personalized reports.


We’ve put all our effort into increasing your end-users’ engagement based on a “Give to Get” approach.

Admin back-end

Review results and get live reports of your campaign’s progress.


Thanks to our unique automation technology and logic capabilities, get the right insights for your audience and for your business.


Manage campaigns across your company’s sales and marketing channels or delegate them to your partners & resellers!


Effortlessly get all gathered data into your business and marketing tools, including CRM and Marketing Automation systems

Smart and intuitive (No code) builder

Rich Design
20+ components to design (no code) rich questionnaires & forms for any use cases from simple to most sophisticated and 12 more components to craft (still no code) great report templates including simple and advanced dynamic texts, charts, dynamic images, and gauges.

Responsive Interface
Our platform was designed with a mobile first approach to suit all your needs and could be embedded in any website or app.

Powerful Logic
Ask only relevant questions and content to your audience thanks to our powerful logic and flow capabilities. Collect and instantly show intermediate results to respondents based on their answers.

Custom branding & Multilingual

White label
Create awesome questionnaires, with theming capabilities from the landing page to respondents’ notification email including having your domain name for a full brand experience.

Customized report
Documents that you’ll deliver to your targeted audience can be completely white labeled with your branding or your partners’ brand.

Localize your content
Build your resource once, translate it, and promote it in as many languages you want (30+ supported language including Latin, Cyrillic, and many Asian languages)

Campaigns Management & Live Monitoring

Inbound campaigns
Attract more leads thanks to stunning, high-quality, personalized content, underpinned by a “Give to Get” that will boost your audience engagement on all your marketing channels.

Outbound campaigns
Engage and coach your teams (telemarketing, inside sales, sales, and consultants) in a systematic way to get highly qualified leads for your sales; score them and reduce time wasted. Get structured data into your systems (CRM, ERP or Marketing Automation Tools).

Leverage your channel
Share your content with your channel (distributors, resellers, service providers or affiliates) thanks to our co-branded campaigns capabilities and address a larger audience than ever before.

State-of-the-art Lead Management

Lead scoring
Your marketing and sales teams will get instant scoring of generated leads based on specific topic.

Powerful filtering
Sort and filter results based on their potential, interest, or implication.

Full data export
Export all data and scores to your other systems for further nurturing or assign them to your sales for immediate action.

Advanced Dashboards & Collaborative Platform

Global dashboard
Monitor all your digital marketing, teams, and channel performances from a single interface.
Get consolidated reports for efficient reporting to product and management departments.

Data Management
See how people answered, view their individual reports, or export all results for further treatments.

Behavior Flow
Fine-tune your content by analyzing end users’ behaviors, using several metrics, such as sessions and drop-offs.

3rd part integration

Analytics & Tracking
Follow engagement and conversion using your regular tools such as Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Oath tags and more.

CRM & Marketing Automation
Automatically get the data, results and scoring imported into your other tools. Manage your data, nurture new leads, and follow up with next sales actions from your own tools.

Internal Mappings
Transfer data from a digital asset to a sale or consulting one, personalize emails with data collected from respondents and more with our internal connectors.

Full integration capabilities
Manage your data from your own tools

Connect your systems to LeadSeed to automatically get the data, results and scoring imported into your other tools.

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