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Hpinc - Anyware - Guide

See how HP Anyware, through LeadSeed, helps to create digital workspaces that meet all the needs of its audience.

Leadseed - Aide a la decision

Leadseed helps their clients to choose the best match content scenario to generate highly qualified leads.

Schneider – Livret Acquereur

See how, thanks to LeadSeed, Schneider helps their promoter to deliver an official "acquisition buyer document".
Cisco Ingram - Cybersecurity Guide

Cisco - Cybersecurity Guide

Cisco with its partners guides customer across the 7 cybersecurity resilience success factors.

Vade - Secured Email

LeadSeed has enabled Vade to offer a benchmark in security, with a global analysis of the industry.

Hpinc - Anyware - Guide

See how HP Anyware, through LeadSeed, helps to create digital workspaces that meet all the needs of its audience.

Adista - Guide M365

Adista and Microsoft help prospects make better use of M365 thanks to a personalized "Guide startup kit M365".

My Digital Spirit - Maturité

Learn how LeadSeed enables My Digital Spirit to help companies assess their digital maturity across IT marketing channels area.


Palo Alto IoT uses LeadSeed to enable companies to adopt the Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity.


Find out how Palo Alto Networks uses LeadSeed to help customers discover the software firewalls that are right for them.


Palo Alto, using LeadSeed, provided its audience with personalized information on the latest tactics used by ransomware.
Cisco - TD Synnex - Meraki Solution Guide

Cisco - Meraki Solution Guide

See how Cisco Meraki is showcasing it solution by bringing to respondents a fully personalized guide.

Nutanix -TCO NDB

Nutanix has developed with LeadSeed a powerful TCO calculation tool to analyze and provide appropriate results.
Cegid Retail

Cegid - Retail

See how Cegid retail help their customers and prospects to seamlessly steer retail operations.


NXO allows, with the help of LeadSeed, to dive into Industry 4.0 strategies in order to assess the risks in the circulation of data.
DEMO - Konica Minolta RMM

Konica Minolta - RMM

See how Konica Minolta France used LeadSeed to help its audience improve business agility and crisis management.

Palo Alto Networks - SASE

Together with LeadSeed, Palo Alto has designed a guide to benchmark your organization against industry analysis.


See how Orange Global Professional Services enables its audience to assess their level of customer experience maturity.
Full Time Sports - Brand and Sport Matchup Assessment

Full Time Sports - Sport on Brand

See how Full Time Sports has leveraged LeadSeed to allow organizations to select the best sports for their brand

Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services allows its audience, thanks to LeadSeed, to measure its digital maturity.

Orange Business Services

See how LeadSeed enables Orange Business Services to measure the digital maturity of its audience.

Fortinet - Secure SD-WAN

Is your company ready to move to Secure SD-WAN? Check Fortinet assessment and get the answer in 2 minutes.

MicroFocus - World Quality Report

MicroFocus has developed with LeadSeed a report to enable its audience to benchmark their organization across 5 trends.

Business & Decision

With LeadSeed, Business&Decision enables its customers to measure their data maturity with this self-assessment.

HP - Cybersécurité

See how LeadSeed has enabled HP to offer its customers enterprise security with an out-of-the-box solution.

HPE Aruba - SD-WAN

See how Aruba is using LeadSeed to communicate its customized recommendations.
Axantis Dématerialisation des factures

Axantis - Digitalization

In this demo, our client Axantis offers a guide for companies to get started with invoices digitalization.
Axantis Collaboration Assessment

Axantis - Collaboration O365

Axantis offers a LeadSeed modern workplace self-assessment to assess organization processes and tools.
Konica Minolta EasyHub - Online Proposal

Konica Minolta - EasyHub

Konica Minolta uses LeadSeed as a quotation tool and provides you with a customised proposal for interactive displays.
Bitdefender Cyber Resilience Assessment

Bitdefender - Cyber Resilience

Bitdefender is using LeadSeed to assess organization’s cyber resilience and give them a personalized guide.

Cisco/NXO - SASE

NXO helps it's customers explore SASE. They get a personalized guide with all benefits and recommandations of SASE


EasyVista, using LeadSeed, provides an IT maturity self-assessment to customers and prospects.

Visiativ - Diagnostic

Visiativ, thanks to LeadSeed, allow compagnies, to evaluate the digital maturity of their organization!
Business & Decision Data Maturity Self-Assessment

Business & Decision - Data

Business & Decision data maturity assessment deliver detailed report of your situation and Data & AI strategy.

NXO - Téléphonie dans Teams

With the help of LeadSeed, NXO helps organizations to identify the best scenario for moving to telephony in Teams.

Nutanix - TCO

See how Nutanix can help its audience accelerate their innovation by answering questions thru LeadSeed.
Cerema - Diagnostic de Transition et Adaptation au Changement Climatique

CEREMA - Diagnostic Climat

Cerema uses LeadSeed as a qualification tool to provides cities, departements and regions with a global plan for their transition.

Nomios - Cyber maturite

Nomios and Cisco assess the cybersecurity resilience of customer mobility with the help of LeadSeed.

HPE Data Services

LeadSeed has enabled HPE to create development plans to extend and optimize its customers' data service offerings.
OBS - Cloud Maturity

Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services lets you test your organization's cloud maturity in this survey designed with LeadSeed.

Konica Minolta - Print Quotation

Konica Minolta worked with LeadSeed to design its "online quotation simulator" questionnaire.
Cegid Loop Benchmark

CEGID - Loop

Cegid Loop is a cloud-based accounting software solution provided by Cegid, a major player in digital transformation.
Cegid Portail Self-Assessment - Benchmark

CEGID - Portail

Cegid allows its audience to benchmark and position itself on "Cegid Entrepreneur Barometer."

Citrix - Unleash your potential

Discover how Citrix, using LeadSeed, enables its audience to analyze opportunities emanating from their partners.

Veritas - Optimize your IT

Veritas uses LeadSeed to help customers optimize their IT infrastructure.

Orange Business Services

Using LeadSeed, Orange Business Services enables its audience to assess their IT resources for deploying teleworking.
Citrix CVAD - Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Citrix - CVAD

Citrix customers get a proper analysis of their organization's needs and a tailored report at the end of questionnaire!

Vade - O365

LeadSeed helps Vade design a questionnaire to optimize your O365 services.

Ebrc - Gestion de crise

EBRC enables its audience to assess its crisis management through a maturity assessment designed with LeadSeed.

Fortinet - Maturité sur SD-WAN

Fortinet used LeadSeed to provide its audience with a complete, secure and tailored SD-WAN solution.

Adista - Cybersecurity

CYBER MATURITY DIAGNOSIS The threat is changing, and so is your security.

Konica Minolta - Devis en ligne

Thanks to LeadSeed, Konica Minolta is able to provide its customers with a personalized quotation for the right solution.

Adista - Digital Transformation

How far have you got with your company's digital transformation?

Orange Business Services

See how Orange Business Services, using LeadSeed, enables its audience to assess their needs in order to support them.

Paloalto - Cybersecurity maturity

Find out how Palo Alto leveraged LeadSeed to enable its customers to secure their organizations with the zero trust approach.

Schneider Electric

Schneider chose LeadSeed to create a customized brochure that helps electricians and their customers get the job done!
WestCoast HPE GreenLake assessment - Enterprise Edition

WestCoast - HPE Greenlake

WestCoast personalised business assessment on how HPE GreenLake can accelerate you business goals and growth

EasyVista - ITOM Services

EasyVista allows its customers to compare themselves to the market average with a customised diagnosis, made with LeadSeed.




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