Orange Report on Technology Evolution

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April 26, 2024

Orange Report on Technology Evolution

The working environment is changing as technology continues to evolve. Today, 1 in 2 employees work on their own personal devices within and outside their company.  To help you in this migration, Orange is implementing its Working Together service.


Orange guarantees you several advantages:

- Technical support from A to Z in the transition of your collaboration tools to the cloud.

- We develop with you the Office 365 and G Suite that will best suit your needs.

- Pay-per-use invoicing to control your budget.

- Support services for your users.

- Comprehensive regulatory guarantees for your company.


We help you choose the best collaborative cloud messaging program for your business with our range of services:

  • Webinars“discover”: Involve users in the choice of their Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 collaboration tools.
  • POC: Use a prototype to analyze the effects on your technical environment.
  • 7 showrooms: Manipulate solutions in the context of integration with the associated tools.
  • Our consultants: Build with them a tailor-made change management plan for your users.


Our Working Together Flash collaboration solution

Our Working Together Flash collaboration solution allows you to make an informed choice between Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365. Your users get integrated collaboration, production, and distribution tools that meet their daily needs while optimizing your costs. With Working Together Flash, you benefit from a global approach that integrates your collaboration suite with all the components of your information system (networks, firewall configuration, directory synchronization, etc.) to facilitate exchanges and improve reactivity.

Orange gives you the choice between a completely autonomous deployment or a deployment entrusted to our experts. Once you have decided, we then provide you with the tools to implement (administrator skills transfer webinar, change management guide...).

           As soon as your solution is realized, you have access to premium technical support to help you at any time if you encounter a problem related to your clean, commercial, or technical environment. In order to contribute to improving the satisfaction of your users, support services are set up to meet their needs.

Working Together Flash allows you to not only supervise quantitatively and qualitatively the use of tools but also optimize your collaboration solution according to your challenges.


The experience is divided into 5 steps:

  • Tip

Orange helps you choose what is best for you.

  • Installation

Depending on the level of deployment you want, Orange will accompany you.

  • Training

Entrusted to Orange experts or to you according to your choice.

  • Support

Technical support is available if you have an operating problem.

  • Flexibility

Adapt your license fleet to suit your needs and budget.


Orange is committed to ensuring the proper functioning of your Working Together service and to providing you with good support.

Do you want to adapt your work environment to its evolution?

Are you looking for the best solution between Microsoft and Google for your organization?


Orange provides you with this questionnaire to help you choose the most optimal environment for your company. You will receive a complete report analyzing your efficiency and flexibility, offering our recommendations, and providing advice on how to implement this new environment.

(This survey is  in french only)

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