How does interactive Conversation make Demand Gen better?

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April 26, 2024
How does interactive Conversation make Demand Gen better?

As B2B marketers and sellers, we often rely on the same, boring strategies and tactics to reach buyers and drive revenue. The lead acceptance ratio is very weak between marketing activities and sales team.

With interactive content, you can not only educate audiences and engage with them, but you are also able to collect intelligence you can’t get through activity-based lead scoring or other old B2B marketing standbys. This means you can stop making assumptions about your prospects based on what they click and actually ask them what they actually want via questions and answers.

By learning more about what your prospects actually want, your leads “self-qualify,” telling you if they are a fit ready to jump the funnel as a highly qualified lead for sales, or if they aren’t quite ready.

If we compare this to direct marketing, interactive marketing depends upon the reaction of the buyers basing it upon their actions. With direct marketing, this is not the case. Due to this reason, gaining potential customers and keeping those already exist are found much greater with interactive marketing.

This is because all the needs of the buyers are clarified. If there is a defect or an error which needs to be taken care of, they can be known only when the buyers point it out for you. Not only does this give you the chance to improve but also makes your customer base much stronger as now their importance for you is highlighted. It also shows that you as a supplier keep your customers as your top priority.

Demand is basically based upon the customer's preference. The buyer will only demand a particular product when the buyer prefers that product. Due to which keeping their needs and wants in perspective is one of the most important things when it comes to demand generation. The key is to figure out the possible aspects of your products which can make it more attractive to buyers. Who else other than buyers themselves can help you point that out?

This marketing style is more of a trigger based or an event-driven one due to which it is run like that as well. Rather than just supplying you actually, have two-way communication in which you are well aware of the needs and wants of your buyers. Without opting for such style it is nearly impossible to achieve that. So once you know what the buyers are asking for, you can use that to attract them. Another great thing about this is that your buyers will be directly connected to you instead of through a channel. This gives you a much bigger and clearer picture as to what direction are they going towards which in turn helps you work on those areas in a much better way.

LeadSeed is a B2B Conversation As A Platform (CaaP)  generating qualified lead using “give and get” principle and building trust, gaining relationship. It combines the latest digital marketing technic with proven sales methodology.






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