Why Demand Gen Marketers Need Interactive Content?

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April 26, 2024
Why Demand Gen Marketers Need Interactive Content?

Getting prospects to engage with your content and programs is only half the battle for B2B marketers. In a world where we’re being measured on things like opportunities created and marketing-influenced revenue, wasting time on the wrong people or not accelerating the truly qualified prospects is a recipe for failure.

Interactive Content helps demand gen marketers be more efficient with both marketing and sales resources. By incorporating questions and answers into marketing, adding value information within the conversation, you can determine where prospects are in their buying journey, what their needs are, and if they would actually be a good fit for a product or service. It’s this real-time qualification based on key sales criteria that can get your sales team on the phone with the right people at the right time.

When the question of why arises, the simple approach to that is that if you need to generate your demand, you need to base it on something. You need some kind of information so that you can figure out a target which you have to reach. If for instance, your entire market generation is based on the assumption, think to yourself, how can a supplier think from a buyer’s point of you.

This makes us move on to the basic issue of the buyer's point of view. For this, you must engage with the buyers in a way that their needs and wants becoming crystal clear for you. The best way to do that is by interacting with them hence the need for interactive content is necessary.

So through this, we understand that the main target is to be interactive with your buyers. This now gives us a chance to focus on building interactive content in order to effectively engage them. For instance, if there is a failure in doing so, your question will have no power or impact on them. This way they will not feel the slightest need to answer them in the way you want to or in extreme cases – answer them at all.

Interactive content gives the buyer a sense of priority. This will make them feel like they are the ones who stand as a top priority for you. This, of course, will pique their interest which will further result in their engagement in the entire process rising. Once you ask your questions in a way that they are the center of attention, which is when you will be getting all the right answers.

The more open-ended and interactive the questions are, the easier it is for them to answer them as this adds a touch of personalization in the entire sales process. This way they will tend to talk while you listen to them. This reveals crucial information which you highly need and help you greatly in decision making.

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