Main Digital Marketing Acronyms

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April 26, 2024
Main Digital Marketing Acronyms

AnyTime, AnyWhere, Any Device !

Got it.  So that’s another thing we need to bear in mind when we’re thinking about how our prospects might be consuming our content.

Anyone need any more TLA*s decoding?

  • MQL Marketing Qualified Lead – a lead hits certain basic profiling criteria and gets passed to sales.
  • SQL Sales Qualified Leads – a lead meets sales criteria for a validated prospect too, so now it can also be known as a SAL
  • SAL Sales Accepted Lead – see above
  • CTR Click Through Rate – what proportion of the impressions (views) your ad actually got clicked on?
  • ROI Return On Investment – just what did you get out of all of the time, money and effort you put into that activity?
  • SEM Search Engine Marketing – a type of Internet marketing that includes SEO, SEA, and SMO:
    • SEO Search Engine Optimization – techniques to help your website to rank higher in organic research result, making the website more visible to people who are looking for your products, without paying (also called the natural result).
    • SEA Search Engine Advertising – advertising shown on search engines pages (display) or when specific keyword are typed. with:
      • PPC Pay Per Click -- advertising rate cost for online media.
      • CPCCost Per Click – refers to success of a campaign by comparing the number of click to the total price (for a PPC campaign for example)
      • CPL Cost Per Lead – refers to the price you pay for a lead
    • SMOSearch Media Optimization – the optimization of your awareness on social media (network media included).
  • BRBounce Rate – refers to people that land on a page of your website and leave without clicking or navigating to any other page. For email, bounce rate refers to an email which was unable to be delivered to a recipient inbox. A high bounce rate means that your list is out of date or includes many invalid email addresses.
  • SERP Search Engine Results Page – this is a page displayed on search engine (google for example) in response to a query by a searcher.
  • GIS Google Image Search – this is Google search but specifically for pictures.
  • GSC – Google Search Console (also called GWT Google Webmaster Tools) – a tool from Google that helps to analyse your website and alert you to anything that happens (used by digital marketing and developers).
  • LB Link Building, linkbuilding or link-building – a process of getting external pages to link to a page of your website. It’s mainly used in SEO but it has to be done wisely because it can badly affect your website.
  • LP Landing Page – a page of a website that can be accessed by clinking a hyperlink on another page or on PPC campaign. For example the homepage of a website is a LP.
  • CMSContent Management System – a web application specifically designed to make it easy for a non-technical user to create, edit and manage a website. For example WordPress or Wix.
  • CX Customer Experience or UX User Experience – this is basically the overall experience a customer has with the brand, from discovering your brand all the way through their interaction, use, purchase etc… One of the most up and coming jobs in 2016! Think like a customer or even better think about being the customer for a living!
  • WOMWord Of Mouth – passing the information from person to person, which the internet made easier. Be careful - it can be the jackpot for your business but can be the opposite as well.
  • #FF #FollowFriday – every Friday you post a tweet to your followers recommending a twitter handle you think is interesting that others might want to follow too.
  • RT Re-Tweet or re-posting a tweet posted by someone on Twitter.

If there is anything else that you’re looking for => JGI**

* TLA is a three letter acronym.
**Just Google It





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