3rd year in a row for LeadSeed

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April 26, 2024
3rd year in a row for LeadSeed

3rd year in a row for LeadSeed

Last year, LeadSeed won a trophy in the "Modern Selling Program" category at the competition organized by « Les Cas d’Or du Modern Selling ». 

On October 19th, the third edition of « Les Cas d’Or du Modern Selling » awards ceremony took place! 

"With Yoda, the objective for Toshiba TFIS was the simple and effective digital transformation of sales teams." 

And once again, as in 2020 and 2021, LeadSeed and SALESKEEL are on the podium! 


Our awards 

This year, LeadSeed did not just win one, but TWO awards! 

 We are the winners of the “Digital Transformation” award and the “Jury’s special” Prize!


Our DNA? "Give to Get" 

Give value with a smart questionnaire to collect data via a proven methodology and deliver a personalized report back to end customers.

LeadSeed not only allows a better knowledge of prospects and customers with an increased commitment on their part, but the solution will also boost the productivity of salespeople with a structured approach, recommendations (discussion guide) as well as a real-time follow-up, all this with simple to use customer centric tools.

And that is how all our customers are reinventing marketing & sales alignment and collaboration with personalized customer experience.



This year, LeadSeed are proud to be part of the winners along with our partners SALESKEEL and Toshiba TFIS!

Congratulations also to all the participants and other winners of “Les Cas d'OR du digital” as well as Pascal Gayat for the organization of this event once again successful!

Thanks to the 2022 Jury: Alain GARDON, Beatrice COLLEC, Benjamin Nathan, Boris AUCHE, Bruno Fridlansky, Christophe Charnay, Cyrille Guibert, Erick Billiemaz, Jean-Philippe CUNNIET, Helene Delannoy, Marie-cécile de Faucigny, Matthieu Ruault, Philippe Bletterie, Raphaël de Boishéraud, Serge Papo, Stéphane Truphème, Thibaut du Cleuziou.


Hint for next year: We’ve raised the bar higher. 😉 


LeadSeed is a B2B Conversation As A Platform (CaaP) generating qualified lead using the “give and get” principle and building trust to develop relationships. It combines the latest digital marketing technic with proven sales methodology.






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