“This tool has allowed us to have a 360° vision of the needs and future of the companies that are our customers.”

- Marketing manager, Access Bureautique


Case Study


In this period of crisis, we have decided to set up a barometer to listen to our member companies. We needed a tool to set up this survey and LeadSeed came to us, which was a godsend because it made our task much easier than a basic questionnaire platform. We needed a simple, fast and efficient solution to get the survey out to our members and receive maximum feedback.



Our job is to support and advise companies in their digital development. Our salespeople needed a tool to guide their discussions, and, above all, a way to develop their business. Originally our salespeople were all in a specific sector of activity and we brought all sectors together, so they became office automation managers with a 360° vision of the needs and future of companies.

The LeadSeed platform allowed us to create a conversation that encompasses the entire company's information system regardless of the sector of activity and to discover projects in order to accompany them in their implementation. We use this conversation on a daily basis.

The reports allow us to evaluate and establish digital mutation plans for our clients over several months or even several years. It's a base that complements our ERP. We use it on a very commercial version as a basis for the two to four 360° calls made per week.

The conversation is very complete and lasts more than an hour. It allows us to position our sales teams and direct them to our advice. As a result, clients do not feel like they are dealing with an ordinary salesperson but with someone who speaks to them about their entire world in a personalized way that allows them to reach their objectives more effectively.



We've been using LeadSeed again recently to create a conversation that allows us to prepare for recovery from confinement. We have developed a shorter questionnaire with a much more focused approach. Our questions aim to define how our clients reacted and worked during this period and how to use it as a springboard to accelerate their digital transformation. A large number of companies have started to implement teleworking, which is within the reach of many, and has raised the need to make it more secure.  It is also necessary to put in place collaborative work tools for example, and we were ready on the day of deconfinement.

We discovered LeadSeed, in the context of a reflection already in place, and reinforced by the meeting with Thierry Ghenassiat, during a convention in London two years ago, who introduced us to Laurent Dobin and we got on very quickly. The human aspect of LeadSeed allowed us to get along from the start with a team that listened to our needs and had a healthy view of the market. They were very responsive and provided very good advice on how to structure the platform. The partnership is therefore based on working together and a lot of guidance on how to use it best, not overdo it, and streamline things. It was a very enriching experience for us.


The results

Today we have a file of 5200 clients in our region including 8 major sectors of activity. Out of these clients we had 300 who were using all of our services a year ago. Today we are going to reach the 35% who use all of our proposals. We have had a very strong growth in the outsourcing system and today our customers entrust us with all of it. We are one of the only companies of our size in the region able to manage the entire system and this has enabled us to position ourselves in a competitive market in a forward-looking way and to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

When a prospect contacts us for a specific need, we explain that we are interested in managing the entire system because everything is linked, and centralization of services is necessary. Thanks to this, we have been able to create a computer graphic on our approach to the information system that relates well to our way of thinking and allows us to be even clearer.





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