SYNTEC – Case Study

"We needed a simple, fast and efficient solution to get feedback from our members to understand their situation and provide them with diagnostics on the activity of the sector.

We needed to create an individual service at the same time as a collective service, so we needed a tool that was as accessible as possible and what was also interesting, in any case, which I liked was the idea of conversation and exchange."

- Marketing manager, SYNTEC Numérique


Case Study


In this period of crisis, we have decided to set up a barometer to listen to our member companies. We needed a tool to set up this survey and LeadSeed came to us, which was a godsend because it made our task much easier than a basic questionnaire platform. We needed a simple, fast and efficient solution to get the survey out to our members and receive maximum feedback.



Our questions focused on their situation in this period of crisis, on the economic aspect as well as their way of managing their resources with their employees. All of this allowed us to have arguments at the institutional level with the public authorities but also to give feedback to business leaders on the state of the market and how they can position themselves and project themselves into the future.

What is really interesting and what we liked at LeadSeed is this conversation model. This platform is not based on a basic questionnaire, of course we collect information but the interest is also to give it to companies. The reports of results following the conversation allow us to have direct and personalized information which has a great added value in our eyes.



Our primary objective is to carry out a representative study on the impact of the crisis on the activity of companies in the digital sector. So we wanted to reach as many members as possible, and we have more than 2,000 of them. To do this, we needed simplicity and speed, because as an association we are a service in addition to their work and we can't take up too much of their time. We needed to be able to provide meaningful indicators while reaching a target that was representative of our three trade colleges, as well as at the national level, and at the level of large groups and SMEs, hence the need for a universal discourse.


The results

LeadSeed allowed us to provide an individual and collective service thanks to its platform accessible on mobile and computer because our respondents carry out the survey when they have time between two activities. We have had the expected result with this third edition of the barometer, even though we were at risk of having tired of our members who had already been surveyed before. We had a constant number of responses with the first edition at the end of March and the second edition at the end of April.

This tool allowed us to follow the respondents in a dashboard and to define their path and problematic questions from beginning to end. The barometer really met their needs with an adapted text which gave us a good response rate. Being able to track their behaviors allows us to follow this conversation and be able to improve it in the future. We were also able to have arguments in relation to the administrators and people who follow the work, and to have detailed monitoring indicators that make it objective.





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