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"Oracle EMEA has put in place an innovative program to address internal community and EMEA partners on social network competencies – powered by LeadSeed’s Conversation-as-a-platform technology. For each participant, the platform provided a detailed profile and a personalized guide to support them in the development of their skills.

Compared to an ebook or a gated material, we have analyzed that LeadSeed’s approach is much more efficient: more engagement, more information collected, transformation rate improved.”

- Michel MARIET, Marketing Director Partner and Digital Transformation for the EMEA Partner Experience. VP CMIT - CMO association


Case Study


Today, social networks are key to professional relationships. However, not everyone knows how to use them efficiently.  In response to this challenge, Oracle has created an innovative approach to support its employees and the collaborators of its network of partners in the appropriation of new social media.



Oracle was looking to find new ways to engage with his community (internally and externally) using a didactical method rather than a push marketing method.

To support his global approach, Oracle chose the partnership of two innovative social specialists: Aressy for the content and LeadSeed for the tech platform.

  • Aressy is a European communication and digital agency. It developed, with Oracle, the structure of the approach and the content (including tips, best practices, digital recommendations, etc.).
  • LeadSeed supports the whole digital process (from conversation to report via profiling engine). LeadSeed was chosen because it puts the participants at the center of the conversation. It enables them to be more integrated and therefore more engaged. This case study aims to analyze, anonymously and personally, the positioning of each and to propose development plans on social media according to their objectives.



  • One of the main objectives was to make internal and external actors aware of the fact that social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook need to be used in the sales process.
  • In order to do that, Oracle had to train its employees on best practices in the use of social media.
  • The last objective was to demonstrate that you can develop new tools for inbound campaigns.


The results

The results of the program are clearly above the performance offered by equivalent gated mechanisms, such as ebooks or surveys.

Oracle Internal estimates indicated a transformation rate of nearly 80% (vs. 10 to 20%).

At the same time, the engagement rate has increased while collecting a significant amount of data.




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