OBS – Case Study

“Our teams appreciate this way of getting in touch with customers and customers appreciate it as much”

- Marketing director, Orange Business Services


Case Study


The Leadseed solution consists in the use of a SaaS platform that allows us to establish digital conversations with our clients in order to obtain qualified leads.

We have provided our teams with a native marketing tool that allows the client to situate themselves in 5 minutes and through fifteen or so questions to receive an initial evaluation of their maturity with regard to the cloud. At the end of this process, they receive a link by email to download a personalised report.



Our first objective is the development of cloud solutions. For a perfect cloud experience, connectivity and security are essential, so these three technologies are complementary.

Our second objective is a challenge of notoriety. Orange Business Services is perfectly identified in France for telephony, connectivity or even VPNs... Positioning ourselves as a strong Cloud player is essential to reinforce our credibility as an advisor to our customers.

More generally, we accompany and support them in the changes they implement within their structure. It is therefore important for us that they know that our teams are there to help them in this transition, which is not easy.


The results

This tool allows Orange Business Services to display an innovative, original and effective commercial approach. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to start a discussion via digital and then to meet with them from a consulting perspective. Our teams appreciate this way of getting in touch with customers and customers appreciate it as much.

The LeadSeed platform gives our sales people a much better ability to cover their rather large customer portfolio. It also allows them to respond to a need as soon as it arises.

The LeadSeed team was very responsive in supporting us in this new approach as well as in the implementation and integration of this new tool with our own web and CRM systems, not to mention the certification. The validation of security processes is mandatory since we handle customer data. That is why it was important to be able to certify, technically and from a security point of view, the LeadSeed platform as complying with best practices in data governance.

This ensures that Orange Business Services is compliant with regulations and is transparent to its customers.





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