Microsoft Windows 10 migration

Thanks to LeadSeed, Microsoft has generated highly qualified leads on Windows 10 migration.

“LeadSeed Digital & Call-out solutions from LeadSeed, 100% customized for Microsoft and Windows 10, have allowed us to significantly grow the number of Windows 10 leads and their level of qualification. We were able to analyze market trends, and better understand and position our marketing & sales proposition”.

Matthieu GRANDJEAN, Product marketing manager at Microsoft.


Case Study

The Situation

Windows 10 is the new operating system from Microsoft for workstations. A global marketing campaign was launched to the French market to promote the benefits of the new operating system, but also to distribute information widely about the free promotional offer.


The Challenge

Windows 10 is the new operating system from Microsoft for workstations.

New features in Windows 10 compared to previous versions:

  • Security: features such as Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello allow users to more easily replace their passwords with biometric information. At the same time, features such as EDP [Enterprise Data Protection] help the organization to guard against leaks or theft of confidential information by separating company files from personal files, etc.
  • Mobility: new Windows Universal applications automatically adapt to different forms and screen sizes to allow continuity of experience; the Continuum mode allows you to connect your phone to a screen, keyboard and mouse in order to use it as a PC, etc.
  • Developments in administration of workstations: joining to a domain in the Cloud (Azure AD) allows the user to automatically connect to applications provided through the Cloud (SaaS), and the implementation of simplified configuration strategies for company devices as well as personal devices of users (BYOD), especially with regard to profile management and provisioning of emails, etc.

As part of the communication surrounding the migration from older operating systems to Windows 10, Microsoft proposed a promotional campaign: a free update to Windows 10 for customers using Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 before 27 July 2016.

One of the main objectives of Microsoft France was to communicate the features of its new operating system for workstations, Windows 10, to its customers and to the market in general. A global marketing campaign was launched to the French market to promote the benefits of the new operating system, but also to distribute information widely about the free promotional offer.

In addition to the positioning and promotional communication objectives, the Microsoft product marketing team identified two important challenges:

  • Issues surrounding reception of the product in the market: there were several types of objections about the solution.
  • Ambitious migration targets for the new operating system which necessitated some additional advice dimension for clients.


The Solution

LeadSeed developed an innovative digital communication and marketing solution for Microsoft through the telemarketing center.

  • Step 1: Support in planning and structuring the project

Workshops including marketing, sales and pre-sales helped to develop the proposition to highlight the issues that the Windows 10 solution solved, to showcase the innovative elements and to differentiate it from other solutions on the market.

  • Step 2: Development of two LeadSeed solutions: Self-Assessment and Discovery

Self-Assessment (support tool for digital marketing): Self-Assessment is a digital marketing tool for analyzing customer needs and generating reports. The Self-Assessment URL is communicated to customers/prospects via e-mail campaigns, banners, social networks, etc. Respondents then complete a questionnaire relating to their organization, challenges and priorities that will take a few minutes. Finally, the customer/prospect receives an e-mail allowing them to download a fully customized 10-15 page report with respect to migrating to Windows 10 based on the responses given to the questionnaire.

Discovery (support tools for telemarketing teams): Discovery is a tool for analyzing customer needs and generating reports based on telemarketing. Telemarketers have a graphical interface allowing them to run a discussion guide to get a global picture of potential sales opportunities or projects (identified and highlighted by the LeadSeed business intelligence engine). They can then download a complete analysis report for the customer/prospect.

  • Step 3: Deployment of Marketing Campaigns by Microsoft teams

Digital campaign: Microsoft teams used traditional digital marketing campaigns to go to market. The call to action of this approach was an invitation to carry out self-assessment using the headline: “Is your IT system ready for migration?”

Telemarketing campaign: Microsoft teams developed existing telemarketing campaigns by offering a different value proposition: “Customer-centric” migration advice.

"We had very positive feedback from our customers and prospects who were able to look ahead to the benefits of a Windows 10 deployment using the diagnostic report that had been personalised to their situation, and also responded to the challenges they faced in terms of workstations.

The telemarketers were also excited to bring more value compared to a traditional campaign: during their telephone exchanges to carry out diagnoses, but also at the time of the publication of the report.

We are now moving onto the next step: enabling our Microsoft reseller partners to use LeadSeed Self-Assessment in their marketing campaigns in order to increase the value of their marketing and sales discourse and become an ever-growing key player in the field of digital marketing.

The advantage of LeadSeed is white label: self-assessment content will be partners branded for optimal ownership of the tool.”

said Matthieu GRANDJEAN, Product marketing manager at Microsoft

The results

During the five-month campaign, more than 700 leads were identified:

  • 557 using Self-Assessment on the web
  • 144 through telemarketers and Discovery

Considering the cost of LeadSeed for Microsoft, the cost of each MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) was €7.11.

Beyond generated leads, the campaign had a broader impact the reputation of Windows 10 helping to increase the migration rate of Windows 10 on the French market.





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