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"Seven years ago, we initiated the digital transition with the implementation of an inbound & outbound marketing strategy based on an editorial strategy aligned with the buying cycle of more than 20 target buyer personas and the creation of a blog coupled with a marketing automation solution 'Marketo' for behavioural scoring and the lead management process with the CRM."

- Nathalie Frain, digital marketing project manager at Konica Minolta


Case Study


Konica Minolta is active in a wide range of sectors, including information management, IT infrastructure and security, and is a leader in printing solutions and IT services.

Konica Minolta has launched a lead generation programme by creating an 'online quote' tool using the LeadSeed platform. By answering a few questions about their needs and usage, prospects get a personalised presentation, with recommended solutions, and a quote in just a few clicks.

To date, we have launched 3 online quotes for 4 products:

  • Multifunction printer (MFP offer)
  • Refurbished multifunction printer ('second life')
  • Dematerialisation (DigiPack offer)
  • Multifunction interactive screens (Easyhub offer)

These online quotes are published on the Konica Minolta website and blog and attract qualified traffic thanks to value-added keywords. Indeed, 80% of buyers do their research themselves and the blog enables Konica Minolta to educate and evangelise on the uses and good practices around their core business: printing solutions.

Today, in collaboration with LeadSeed, a company specialising in sales activation and the growth of customer - prospect - partner engagement, we are working together to enable our audience to obtain a fully personalised proposal.



Unlike other concrete actions that Konica Minolta has taken to increase sales through inbound marketing, we were not sure what the results of these new "Online Quote" assets would be. Indeed, this was a first with the LeadSeed platform, so it was difficult to establish forecasts and ROI objectives. At that time, we were not aware of the power of the tool nor of the number of new customers (of all types) likely to make their quotes online via the platform.


The results & feedback

After more than 2 years of using the LeadSeed tool via the "Online Quotes", the overall results are very good with more than 150 leads per month on average, it is an excellent lever to generate leads. The online quote allows us to capture new prospects that we were not able to reach easily: a majority of the quote requests come from very small business prospects, a target that we have the most difficulty to reach. On the other hand, the average basket allows us to consider a very satisfactory ROI at this stage.





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