“We are very pleased with what the platform has enabled us to do with our prospects & existing customers”


- Marketing director, Citrix


Case Study


Over 400,000 organizations rely on Citrix to power a better way to work

When we pioneered remote access, we believed people should be able to work anywhere and in any way they need. Three decades later, that’s even more true than ever.

It’s what drives us to create technology that transcends the constraints of time, place, infrastructure, networks, and devices. And it’s the reason thousands of organizations around the world trust us to keep their apps available, their data safe, and their people productive—wherever and whenever work happens.

LeadSeed creates custom surveys and reports from respondents' answers on a SaaS platform, ultimately collecting highly qualified leads listed in a dashboard within the platform. This method allows us to observe the following overall data: + 30% engagement, 50% conversion & 25% time saved.

In collaboration with LeadSeed, we designed several customer surveys on Citrix topics (CVAD, O365, Cloud,...)  to address market and increase audience engagement.



During the collaboration with LeadSeed, Citrix has specific objectives regarding the use of the platform and the familiarization of end customers through the use of digital questionnaires with Office 365. The various objectives are as follows:

Drive consideration

  • To get our audience interested in the topic of the employee experience of Office 365 in the branches and the role the network plays.
  • Start a dialogue with the IT audience and move the conversation from the network to the application experience.


  • Using the survey format, we will help the audience understand the key considerations when adopting Office 365.
  • Understand Microsoft's networking tips to ensure the best Office 365 experience in the branch.


  • Conversational in nature to accelerate leads and drive emergency - don't just talk about product information.
  • Explain how and why they are not thinking about how the network effects the user experience in the branches.
  • Provide the IT decision maker with a personalised report to enable them to have a boardroom level conversation.

Product adoption

  • Use the campaign to build momentum for SD-WAN, using Microsoft's business challenges and network connectivity principles.


The results & feedback

Good level of detail in the respondents' responses, gaining valuable opinions and opportunities from our prospects and customers. We are very pleased with what the platform has enabled us to do with our prospects & existing customers.

We appreciate this and so do our customers.





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