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Case studies

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Konica Minolta - leads generator
Engage Citrix audience with a tailored digital conversation
HPE - Support the growth of the SP
Orange Business Services
Generates high qualified leads on Window 2010

Live demos

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Full Time Sports

Full Time Sports – Les bons sports pour votre marque

See how Full Time Sports has leveraged LeadSeed to allow organizations to select the best sports for their brand? Take this interactive demo from Full Time Sports and get a personalized report in 10 minutes with recommandations based on your situation.
Palo Alto SASE

Palo Alto Networks – SASE

Want to get a personalized guide and benchmark your customers and prospects against industry analysis? Check out the interactive experience by Palo Alto Networks for its SASE solution to benchmark your organisation and provide personalized recommandations.

Orange Global Professional Services – Maturity

Want to know how mature your organization is in customer experience? Take this 10-minute interactive assessment by Orange Global Professional Services and get personalized document with recommendations based on your level, usages and forecasts.
Nutanix -TCO NDB

Nutanix -TCO NDB

Nutanix has developed a powerful TCO calculation tool that allows to analyze and provide appropriate outcomes. This tool delivers you within few minutes a tailored overview, TCO and recommendations.
Guide Solution Meraki

Cisco – Guide Solution Meraki

See how Cisco Meraki is showcasing streamlined IT transformation towards a more sustainable and efficient future. This live demo questionnaire shows its audience how to gain insights on their solution and bring to respondents a fully personalized report.
Cegid - Maturité Retail - Diagnostic

Cegid – Maturité Retail – Diagnostic

See how Cegid retail help their customers and prospects to seamlessly steer retail operations, delivering an exceptional shopping experience worldwide. Test this demo and check insights tailored to your responses.


Discover B2B marketing approach by NXO! Check this exclusive demo to explore Industry 4.0 strategies and action plan.
Konica Minolta RMM

DEMO – Konica Minolta RMM

See how Konica Minolta France makes you elevate your business agility and crisis management with tailored recommendations through a personalized report.


Check how Industry-leading Palo Alto Networks lets its market find out which software firewalls are right for them.


See how Palo Alto IoT empowers organizations to embrace the Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity, by offering them a way to assess themselves on this topic.
Digital Maturity

My Digital Spirit – Ecosystem Maturité Marketing

See how My Digital Spirit helps companies assess their digital maturity on IT marketing channel area. They offer their audience a personnalized guide for their digital transformation.
Palo Alto - Ransomware


In this demo Palo Alto Ransomware provides valuable asset and personalized information on the latest tactics used by ransomware to their audience.
Adista - Guide M365

Adista – Guide M365

Adista and Microsoft help their prospect to better use M365 "Guide startup kit M365".
Hpinc -Anyware - Guide

Hpinc – Anyware – Guide

How can HP Anyware help you build digital workspaces that meet all your business needs?
LeadSeed - Aide à la décison

Leadseed – Aide a la decision Scenario wk 1

Leadseed helps their clients to choose the best match content scenario to generate highly qualified leads.
Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric – Livret Acquereur

Schneider helps their promoter to deliver an official "acquisition buyer document" describing their installation.
Nomios - Cyber maturite - Diagnostique

Nomios – Cyber maturite – Diagnostique

Nomios and Cisco are evaluating customer mobility cybersecurity resilience.
Hpinc -Anyware - Guide

Hpinc – Anyware – Guide

How can HP Anyware help you build digital workspaces that meet all your business needs?
Cisco - Guide 7 facteurs de succès

Cisco – Guide 7 facteurs de succès

Cisco with its partners guides customer across the 7 cybersecurity resilience success factors.
Vade - Secured email (end user)

Vade – Secured Email (end user)

Vade is offering a security benchmark , positioning prospect response with a global industry analysis.