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Get Help From a Certified Partner or Consultant

• Generate more leads, increase revenue, and improve your ROI using one of our partners.
• Get help with content creation, email marketing, brand and social media management, the LeadSeed platform, and so much more.
• LeadSeed partners are tiered, based on the level of success they’ve achieved for their clients using inbound marketing or sales, plus LeadSeed software sales.
• LeadSeed integration partners help clients configure and deploy their created content.
• In addition to implementation, some providers in this category assist with additional training or support related to LeadSeed, as well as other IT consulting or implementation services.

Cloud 28+

Cloud28+ is a community of trusted HPE partners and a digital business platform, promoting hybrid cloud services and knowledge sharing. Customers can easily find the right offerings and providers, while tapping into our members’ expertise across a myriad of IT topics.
Meanwhile, partners benefit from increased visibility and lead generation opportunities, new business alliances, and decreased content creation and marketing costs.


UpDATE is a service provider for consulting & training in sales as well as an expert for marketing and tools.
The company implements jointly developed business and sales strategies through executive coaching and sales training programs.
The portfolio is supplemented by services in the field of digitization and marketing. upDATE uses the LeadSeed platform to generate and qualify leads, i.e. to automate parts of the sales cycle.
UpDATE is the contact for LeadSeed in Germany.


Just Search is a digital marketing agency created in 2006, helping companies grow through a greater online visibility and a more effective customer online acquisition.
To achieve this, Just Search defines and implements personalised marketing strategies based on strong competences in SEO/SEA/SMO/UX/Data/content.
Just Search is a long-time business and integration partner of Coservit.

Porter Consulting

Porter Consulting is a leader in helping technology companies grow revenue and market share.
Our seasoned team of professionals accomplish this by utilizing the latest marketing and sales methodologies to achieve our customers’ objectives.


DigiSpin instantly connects your business to nearly 100 certified Digital Transformation experts focused on the SMB segment.
helping companies develop brand new digital marketing approaches


SALESKEEL is a consulting agency helping companies develop brand new digital marketing approaches and transform sales team to achieve new challenges (complex and solution selling, remote selling).

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Why partner with us? It’s about equipping you with the guidance, support, and training you and your clients need to succeed.
It’s about joining a thriving community that offers a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities.

Unlock the benefits of the LeadSeed Program, including training, joint collateral, co-marketing, co-selling, and access to development instances, product roadmaps, and support.

  • Earn commission on LeadSeed sales
  • Expand your service offerings to drive new revenue streams
  • Play to your strengths, become a sales, a service partner or both