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Get started with questionnaire & form builder

My first form or survey

Welcome to LeadSeed!

It’s a no-code tool to design smart and beautiful forms for collecting data, feedback, and more.

We want to make survey design as easy and intuitive as possible—this article shows you the basics.


Prerequisits: You’ll need a LeadSeed user account (with "Consultant" rôle)

  • Log in to your account
  • Click the "Builder" submenu
  • Click on "Add new" icon  LeadSeed Add New Icon in the top, right-hand corner.
  • Fill in the required information within the "What do you want to achieve?" (Step 1)


LeadSeed Builder - Step 1 - What do you want to achieve?

  • Click "NEXT"
  • Fill in the required information within the "How do you want to achieve it?" (step 2)

LeadSeed Builder - Step 2 - How do you want to achieve it?

Note: these 2 steps will be used by the tool to sumup the topic and objectives 

If you need assistance ("Smart Builder AI" credits required)

  • Click on "Use AI" to request AI assistant on survey design process
  • Fill in the required information within the "Anti white page" (step 3 - only for "Smart Builder AI")
  • Setup question types and options
  • Click "NEXT"
  • Click "Show me" within the "We're doing some magic..." (final step)

You'll then enter into your workspace with predefined questions (setup by AI based on provided information)

LeadSeed builder AI generated questionnaire workspace

If you want to start from scratch (Empty workspace)

  • At step 2 - "How do you want to achieve it?"
  • Click on "NEXT"

You'll then land into an empty workspace

LeadSeed builder Empty questionnaire workspace

  • Drag & Drop any question type or media you want to add from the left toolbar
    • Start with a simple survey to get familiarized with components
  • Add steps to your questionnaire by clicking on "+" icon in the left toolbar

This is a WYSIWYG ((what you see is what you get) builder, so you can see how your finished form will look while you create it.

  • Once you've added a component or question in the right-hand side panel
    • You can change component options by clicking on "Options" tab
    • You can change component rendering by clicking on "Rendering" tab
    • You can setup conditions to display this component (based on answers or calculated data from previous questions) by clicking on "Conditions" tab

Note : The options, rendering and conditions available will vary depending on the type of question or component you've selected.

  • If you want to reorder your components, just drag and drop them in the right side panel. Click and hold any component to move it.
  • Once your questionnaire is ready, you can test it by clicking the Preview button (eye icon). This will open a preview of your form with the default theme and customization.

IMPORTANT : Do not forget to save your work before leaving the builder!

In the next steps we will learn together how to set a new theme, customize your asset and publish it 😉


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