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How to apply filters to sales results in your back-end?

To apply filters to results in your back-end

  1. Connect to LeadSeed.
  2. Go to the "RESULTS" menu.
  3. For sales assets:
  • Click the "ALL RESULTS" submenu.
  • In the upper right-hand corner click on the icon bellow (1).
  • Select filters that you want to appear in "RESULTS" section.
  • Reset filters by clicking on the second icon bellow (2) if you want to set default filters: company name, customer reference code, creation date, % (completion rate), sales rep, assessment, campaign, deal status.
  • For some columns you can filter your results by typing a name (e.g. company name, sales rep)
  • For some columns you can filter your results by choosing out of the list (e.g. Assessment, Campaign, Status)


  • Please note, that filters that can be applied are those that are based on the standard questions in the survey. Filters based on customer specific questions cannot be applied.


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