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The threat is changing, and so is your security.

Adapting to new threats, developing a cyber culture, complying with regulations... how mature is your organisation in the face of these challenges?
Organisations and systems have weaknesses.

Understanding the risks, anticipating them and designing resilient systems to protect your business from a major incident requires a global and clear vision of your maturity in terms of cyber security.

In short, it is essential to know your weak points in order to protect yourself more effectively. Technologies alone are powerless to keep the threat at an acceptable level.

Invest in people

Because the human factor is not just a risk factor!

Today, the human factor is the main vector used to compromise Information Systems. It is easier to deceive users than to bypass technical lines of defence (firewalls). Yet organisations need to develop a culture of security in order to reduce the risks associated with cyber threats.

Protecting networks and infrastructures

New threats mean traditional perimeter protection needs to be reinforced


Based on tried and tested technical systems, network and infrastructure security is the first line of defence that should not be neglected.

On the other hand, as the threat intensifies, it is vital to review strategies for Internet access, securing remote access, protecting messaging services and detecting security events.

The use of behavioural analysis, based on machine learning methods, enables attacks to be identified and countered prematurely.


Adista offers you an assessment of your Cybersecurity maturity via a quick questionnaire, so that you can obtain your personalised report.





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