Sow seeds… build your conversation based on your scenario

Typical scenarios that best fit your objectives



Build , Publish, and Monitor your Secure, Interactive Content.

• Generate highly qualified leads. Identify, capture, qualify, and score each client’s requirements and challenges

• Address: pipeline weaknesses, lack of sales coverage/prospect follow-up, channel management efficiency, marketing and sales disconnects



Build, Publish, and Monitor your Guided Sales Interview. (Script)

• Digitalize your sales pitch. Capture and score each client’s requirements and challenges.

• Address: sales productivity and transformation challenges, lack of sales coverage/ turnover issues, sales’ confidence to interview.



Build, publish and monitor your consultancy guided interview

• Digitalize your consultants. Standardise capture and scoring of your clients’ information.

• Address: consultant efficiency and productivity challenges, consultant staffing turnover issues.

Position vendor as "expert",
opinion former, trusted advisor
Compare current with future solutions
and accelerate adoption
Evaluate if you are suitable to new technology/solutions/new products/services
Acceptance/Eligibility/New business model
Position vendor as a "neutral guide"
(best partner, guide, proposer)
Report gap between existing situation and regulations
Position vendor as an advisor/consultant
Position vendor on a collaborative/alignment path
Gather expectations and show benefits in attending events
Profile Customer or Channel and identfy projects
Push and present information
Gather information on a specific subject
On request