LeadSeed is a comprehensive assessment platform that generates no-code, beautifully designed and fully personalized reports for any use case



LeadSeed for Marketing

Elevate your digital marketing game!

Our robust platform goes beyond conventional forms, offering features designed to revolutionize your marketing strategy.


  1. Elevate Engagement with Personalized Interactions: Unleash the potential of personalized questionnaires and reports to captivate your audience, fostering deeper engagement and stronger connections.
  2. Drive Quality Leads and Informed Decision-Making: Harness the capability to gather insightful end-user feedback, ensuring a stream of highly qualified leads. Transform forms and surveys into powerful tools that don’t just provide data but deliver actionable insights for informed decision-making to your audience.
  3. Seamless User Experience, Powerful Results: With our intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensure a seamless experience for both you and your audience. Equip your team with meaningful data, empowering them to shape a marketing strategy that goes beyond the ordinary, driving extraordinary results.


The power to shape your strategy is in your hands—why settle for ordinary when you can create extraordinary interactions?



LeadSeed for Sales

Supercharge your sales process!

When digitalising sales becomes crucial, the way businesses do it is a game-changer.


  1. Strategic Sales Enablement: Empower your sales team with a meticulously crafted smart scripts and guides, a game-changer in the digital sales landscape. Elevate your sales approach and gain unparalleled insights into your customers’ businesses.
  2. Engaging Assets Throughout the Sales Cycle: Enjoy purpose-built assets designed for engagement and completion at every stage of the sales cycle. From comprehensive customer assessments to solution recommendations and simple/complex quotations, LeadSeed provides the tools you need for success.
  3. Insights That Drive Business Success: Beyond mere paperwork or static presentations, our sales assets serve as powerful tools that offer valuable insights to both respondents and management.


Transform the way you do business—choose LeadSeed for digital assets that mean serious business success.



LeadSeed for Consultants

Better, Faster, Stronger Digitalization

The ultimate solution for reaching a wider audience with minimum effort


  1. Streamlined Productivity and Digitalization: Experience the ultimate solution for enhanced productivity and seamless digitalization. LeadSeed’s smart questionnaires and reports builder revolutionize your consultancy process, replacing cumbersome paperwork and Excel sheets with a future-ready, effortless data collection system.
  2. Effortless Data Collection and Analysis: Say goodbye to manual data processes and embrace the ease of LeadSeed. Empower consultants to effortlessly create, distribute, and analyze collected data, enhancing productivity and delivering invaluable insights to clients. LeadSeed is the key to a more efficient, smart, and impactful consulting experience.
  3. Digital Transformation Made Easy: Embark on a journey of digital transformation with LeadSeed. Our user-friendly builder ensures that consulting has never been this efficient, smart, and impactful.


With LeadSeed, consulting has never been this efficient, this smart, and this impactful.

Position vendor as "expert",
opinion former, trusted advisor
Compare current with future solutions
and accelerate adoption
Evaluate if you are suitable to new technology/solutions/new products/services
Acceptance/Eligibility/New business model
Position vendor as a "neutral guide"
(best partner, guide, proposer)
Report gap between existing situation and regulations
Position vendor as an advisor/consultant
Position vendor on a collaborative/alignment path
Gather expectations and show benefits in attending events
Profile Customer or Channel and identfy projects
Push and present information
Gather information on a specific subject
On request