Lead Nurturing Emails That Every Business Should Know

According to the experts only, 25% of people in your lead list are ready to initiate a sale, 50% are valid leads but are not interested with your offering at the moment, and the remaining 25% are not qualified. This means that you have a possible 75% of prospected customers in your lead list. But how do you encourage the 50% to engage with your offering? Lead nurturing can help you with that.  Some research claimed that lead nurturing emails can generate 8% CTR compared to the 3% of email marketing.

How to Write E-mails for Lead Nurturing

Considering the numbers provided above, there is a great chance that the user will be directed to your landing page.  But how do you write an effective lead nurturing email that will maximize the CTR?  Here are different types of emails that you can write.

Informative Emails

In case you are planning to send only one lead nurturing email, the informative email would be the best for you.  Educating your lead about the solutions that your company provides is a critical step in initiating a sale.  Lead Tracking would be valuable when educating your consumer about the things they need to know.  It will capture their behavior when they are on your landing page such as: the pages they frequently visit, things they download, their tweets, etc.  When creating an informative email, remember not to focus on sales but on the solution that your product can provide.

Personalized Email

One of the most popular types of lead nurturing emails would be the personalized messages.  Refrain from opting for an automated type of email.  When creating a personalized email, you have to learn the things that matter most to the prospective buyer.  In the case that he needs a technical solution, you may want to ask your technician about sending him a message.

Engaging Email

In the situation where your lead is no longer clicking on your emails that often, you need a different approach to entice him.  You have to alter the content of your lead nurturing emails to meet these needs.  If the engagement does not show any sign of improving, it might be the right time to weed out this lead.

Self-Help Emails

A lot of people are always searching for information that can help them improve as a person, with their job and with their hobbies.  Send a lead nurturing email that provides self-improvement such as generating ROI, losing weight, improving relationships with family, improving confidence, getting promoted,etc.  Give them the impression that visiting your landing page can give them the things that can motivate them.

These are just some of the approaches you can take when writing emails for lead nurturing.  Most companies have shown a significant increase on their CTR after employing such strategies.