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Cisco Ingram - Cybersecurity Guide

Cisco - Cybersecurity Guide

Cisco with its partners guides customer across the 7 cybersecurity resilience success factors.
Axantis Dématerialisation des factures

Axantis - Digitalization

In this demo, our client Axantis offers a guide for companies to get started with invoices digitalization.
Bitdefender Cyber Resilience Assessment

Bitdefender - Cyber Resilience

Bitdefender is using LeadSeed to assess organization’s cyber resilience and give them a personalized guide.
Business & Decision Data Maturity Self-Assessment

Business & Decision - Data

Business & Decision data maturity assessment deliver detailed report of your situation and Data & AI strategy.
Cerema - Diagnostic de Transition et Adaptation au Changement Climatique

CEREMA - Diagnostic Climat

Cerema uses LeadSeed as a qualification tool to provides cities, departements and regions with a global plan for their transition.
Axantis Collaboration Assessment

Axantis - Collaboration O365

Axantis offers a LeadSeed modern workplace self-assessment to assess organization processes and tools.
Cegid Loop Benchmark

CEGID - Loop

Cegid Loop is a cloud-based accounting software solution provided by Cegid, a major player in digital transformation.
Cegid Portail Self-Assessment - Benchmark

CEGID - Portail

Cegid allows its audience to benchmark and position itself on "Cegid Entrepreneur Barometer."
Citrix CVAD - Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Citrix - CVAD

Citrix customers get a proper analysis of their organization's needs and a tailored report at the end of questionnaire!

Adista - Cybersecurity

CYBER MATURITY DIAGNOSIS The threat is changing, and so is your security.

Adista - Digital Transformation

How far have you got with your company's digital transformation?
Facilitate 360 organization assessments with interactive questionnaires, capturing all departments input and preferences for tailored strategies at individual and consolidated levels. In the dynamic landscape of B2B consulting, conducting comprehensive organization assessments is fundamental to formulating strategic and tailored strategies. As an expert consultant, you recognize the complexity of gathering input and preferences from diverse departments while keeping a holistic perspective. Enter LeadSeed, a strategic solution meticulously crafted to empower B2B consultants in easing 360 organization assessments through interactive questionnaires, capturing input from all departments, and delivering tailored strategies at both individual and consolidated levels. LeadSeed provides expert B2B consultants with an advanced platform to revolutionize organization assessments. By using interactive questionnaires, consultants can facilitate 360-degree assessments that encompass inputs from all departments within an organization. The platform's data collection modes (self-assessment or assisted by a consultant) and advanced logic capabilities ensure a dynamic and engaging assessment experience, enabling consultants to capture insights from diverse stakeholders. The real strength of LeadSeed lies in its ability to deliver tailored reports including recommendations and strategies at both individual and consolidated levels. By integrating intelligent automation and analytics, consultants can transform raw data into actionable insights, allowing for a granular understanding of each department's needs and preferences. This data-driven approach not only enhances the precision of assessments but also provides a comprehensive overview that guides the development of strategies tailored to individual departments and the organization as a whole. LeadSeed's organization assessment capabilities go beyond conventional methods where “time is money,” offering expert consultants the tools to extend their reach and bridge departmental gaps and foster collaboration. By providing dynamic content and personalized reports, consultants can ease meaningful discussions and alignment across departments, ensuring a unified approach to addressing organizational challenges and opportunities. As a B2B consulting expert, your pursuit of comprehensive organization assessments deserves a tool that aligns seamlessly with your strategic vision. LeadSeed is not just a platform; it is a partner in transforming assessments into strategic advantages.  Facilitate 360 organization assessments with interactive questionnaires – book a demo with a LeadSeed consultant today and revolutionize your approach to B2B consulting.





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