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Cisco Ingram - Cybersecurity Guide

Cisco - Cybersecurity Guide

Cisco with its partners guides customer across the 7 cybersecurity resilience success factors.
Cegid Retail

Cegid - Retail

See how Cegid retail help their customers and prospects to seamlessly steer retail operations.
Full Time Sports - Brand and Sport Matchup Assessment

Full Time Sports - Sport on Brand

See how Full Time Sports has leveraged LeadSeed to allow organizations to select the best sports for their brand

Fortinet - Secure SD-WAN

Is your company ready to move to Secure SD-WAN? Check Fortinet assessment and get the answer in 2 minutes.
Axantis Dématerialisation des factures

Axantis - Digitalization

In this demo, our client Axantis offers a guide for companies to get started with invoices digitalization.
Konica Minolta EasyHub - Online Proposal

Konica Minolta - EasyHub

Konica Minolta uses LeadSeed as a quotation tool and provides you with a customised proposal for interactive displays.
Bitdefender Cyber Resilience Assessment

Bitdefender - Cyber Resilience

Bitdefender is using LeadSeed to assess organization’s cyber resilience and give them a personalized guide.

Cisco/NXO - SASE

NXO helps it's customers explore SASE. They get a personalized guide with all benefits and recommandations of SASE
Axantis Collaboration Assessment

Axantis - Collaboration O365

Axantis offers a LeadSeed modern workplace self-assessment to assess organization processes and tools.
Cegid Loop Benchmark

CEGID - Loop

Cegid Loop is a cloud-based accounting software solution provided by Cegid, a major player in digital transformation.
Cegid Portail Self-Assessment - Benchmark

CEGID - Portail

Cegid allows its audience to benchmark and position itself on "Cegid Entrepreneur Barometer."
Citrix CVAD - Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Citrix - CVAD

Citrix customers get a proper analysis of their organization's needs and a tailored report at the end of questionnaire!

Adista - Cybersecurity

CYBER MATURITY DIAGNOSIS The threat is changing, and so is your security.
WestCoast HPE GreenLake assessment - Enterprise Edition

WestCoast - HPE Greenlake

WestCoast personalised business assessment on how HPE GreenLake can accelerate you business goals and growth
Generate high-quality leads with engaging and dynamic forms, questionnaires, and surveys that deliver personalized documents such as individual reports, tailored guides, custom sales presentations, accurate business proposals, and more... In the dynamic landscape of B2B marketing, lead generation stands as a top priority objective for organizations striving to cultivate a robust sales pipeline. As a seasoned marketing expert, you recognize the pivotal role that high-quality leads play in the success of your campaigns and overall business growth. This is where LeadSeed emerges as an invaluable ally in your pursuit of lead generation excellence. LeadSeed redefines the approach to lead generation by offering a comprehensive solution that goes beyond conventional methods. Our platform empowers you to craft engaging and personalized forms, questionnaires, and surveys, elevating your lead generation strategies to unparalleled heights. With a focus on user-centricity, LeadSeed ensures that every interaction with potential leads is not merely transactional but tailored to resonate with their unique preferences. What sets LeadSeed apart is its ability to transform data collection into a value-driven experience. By incorporating interactive elements into your lead generation processes, you not only capture essential information but also foster a meaningful connection with your audience. The "Give to Get" approach, inherent in LeadSeed's methodology, incentivizes respondents to actively engage with your forms by delivering personalized documents to end-users, resulting in a higher quality of data and, subsequently, leads. LeadSeed's platform is designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring seamless user experiences across devices. The rich design features, coupled with powerful logic and flow capabilities, enable you to ask only relevant questions, providing a tailored experience for your audience. The real-time results and instant personalized reports empower you to adapt and optimize your lead generation campaigns on the fly. As a B2B marketing expert, your pursuit of excellence in lead generation deserves a tool that aligns with your strategic vision. LeadSeed is not just a platform; it is a catalyst for achieving unparalleled success in generating high-quality leads.  Take the next step in revolutionizing your lead generation efforts – book a demo with a LeadSeed expert today and embark on a journey towards transformative B2B marketing outcomes.





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