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Cisco Ingram - Cybersecurity Guide

Cisco - Cybersecurity Guide

Cisco with its partners guides customer across the 7 cybersecurity resilience success factors.
Cisco - TD Synnex - Meraki Solution Guide

Cisco - Meraki Solution Guide

See how Cisco Meraki is showcasing it solution by bringing to respondents a fully personalized guide.
Full Time Sports - Brand and Sport Matchup Assessment

Full Time Sports - Sport on Brand

See how Full Time Sports has leveraged LeadSeed to allow organizations to select the best sports for their brand

Fortinet - Secure SD-WAN

Is your company ready to move to Secure SD-WAN? Check Fortinet assessment and get the answer in 2 minutes.
Bitdefender Cyber Resilience Assessment

Bitdefender - Cyber Resilience

Bitdefender is using LeadSeed to assess organization’s cyber resilience and give them a personalized guide.

Cisco/NXO - SASE

NXO helps it's customers explore SASE. They get a personalized guide with all benefits and recommandations of SASE
Business & Decision Data Maturity Self-Assessment

Business & Decision - Data

Business & Decision data maturity assessment deliver detailed report of your situation and Data & AI strategy.
Axantis Dématerialisation des factures

Axantis - Digitalization

In this demo, our client Axantis offers a guide for companies to get started with invoices digitalization.
Cegid Portail Self-Assessment - Benchmark

CEGID - Portail

Cegid allows its audience to benchmark and position itself on "Cegid Entrepreneur Barometer."
Citrix CVAD - Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Citrix - CVAD

Citrix customers get a proper analysis of their organization's needs and a tailored report at the end of questionnaire!

Adista - Cybersecurity

CYBER MATURITY DIAGNOSIS The threat is changing, and so is your security.

Adista - Digital Transformation

How far have you got with your company's digital transformation?
WestCoast HPE GreenLake assessment - Enterprise Edition

WestCoast - HPE Greenlake

WestCoast personalised business assessment on how HPE GreenLake can accelerate you business goals and growth

Boost brand visibility with customizable and branded landing pages, emails, and interactive content.

In B2B marketing, establishing and amplifying brand awareness is fundamental to securing a competitive edge and fostering enduring customer relationships. As a marketing expert, you are aware that brand visibility transcends mere recognition; it is the cornerstone of trust, credibility, and market influence.

LeadSeed redefines the paradigm of brand visibility by offering a comprehensive suite of design and customization tools specifically crafted to enhance your brand. Our platform empowers you to boost brand visibility through customizable and branded landing pages, emails, and interactive content such as forms, surveys, and documents. This level of customization ensures that every touchpoint with your audience is not just informative but resonates with the visual identity and messaging that defines your brand.

What sets LeadSeed apart is its commitment to providing a seamless, cohesive brand experience across diverse channels and the ability to use your own domain. The customizable landing pages serve as digital ambassadors, leaving an indelible imprint of your brand identity. The branded emails, meticulously designed within the platform, extend the same level of consistency, fostering brand recall and trust among your audience. Using your own domain name will boost your audience's confidence and trust.

LeadSeed's interactive content features, designed with a focus on user engagement, amplify your brand's voice in a crowded digital landscape. Through captivating surveys, questionnaires, and personalized individual documents, your brand story unfolds dynamically, leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.

As a B2B marketing expert, your pursuit of brand awareness excellence requires a tool that aligns with your strategic vision. LeadSeed is not merely a platform; it is a conduit for crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience. 

Elevate your brand visibility and influence with LeadSeed – book a demo with a consultant today and embark on a transformative journey towards unrivaled B2B marketing success.





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