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LeadSeed offers

LeadSeed offers description

Your offer type and seat (permission) type determine the features your account has.
We have 3 main offers with common features and some advanced features per offer.
Here's an outline of some of the main differences between them.


Marketing offer : Better engage your audience

  • Share/Broadcast public campaigns URL across any channel
  • Monitor your campaigns (Analytics such as the number of visitors, returning visitors, behavior flow, landing page, etc.)
  • Generate consolidated reports and export results
  • Add optional features such as white label alias (Your domain) and 3rd part connector (to your favorite Marketing automation tool or CRM)

Sales or Consulting offer : Increase your customers' knowledge

  • Account based follow-up and management
  • Update customer data (Collected data and report)
  • Monitor your team's performance (for managers and directors)

Partner offer : Involve your partners

  • Delegate campaigns to your partners
  • Centralize content
  • Monitor each partner performance


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