New organization, latest product features & customer use cases

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New organization, latest product features & customer use cases

New organization, latest product features & customer use cases 2560 1440 Mohamed HAMDOUNI

Dear LeadSeed users,

2021 has been an eventful year for many companies, from home-office organization to cloud services and digital events.

At LeadSeed, we too have faced changes…
Since October 1st, 2021 “LeadSeed by Coservit” became “LeadSeed” company.

But 2021 and the first half of 2022 were not exclusively dedicated to this split, our product has evolved too!


Below are some examples of LeadSeed’s major evolutions:

  1. Because trust is critical, we have raised our security bar above standards.
  2. User experience is core, so we have improved the customization capabilities.
  3. Our builder is smarter and faster than ever allowing more flexibility.
  4. We’ve reviewed our dashboards to make them simpler and gather all info into the same place.
  5. For assisted mode (connected sales & consultants) we’ve connected LeadSeed to French companies official Open Data base.

Online report builder is on the work! This will be a major move for you and us, consultants will be able to render results online & offline (downloadable file).

Wait ! There is more

Speaking of use cases, LeadSeed has worked on three projects with three very different companies that may be of your interest.

  • Thanks to LeadSeed, Schneider Electric now has the ability to offer electricians a project support service resulting in a fully customized brochure for their customers.

Schneider Electric demo (French)

  • After the great results of the 1st project, a 2nd project from Konica Minolta allows companies to evaluate their needs and match them with the Konica Minolta “DigiPack” solution & tailored pricing.

Konica Minolta France demo (French)

  • Last but not least, we have deployed a CyberSecurity use case for Palo Alto Networks, allowing companies to assess their Cybersecurity maturity and receive personalized recommendations.

Palo Alto Networks demo (English)

Stay tuned for more news…

Kind regards,
The LeadSeed team


LeadSeed is a B2B Conversation As A Platform (CaaP) generating qualified lead using the “give and get” principle and building trust to develop relationships. It combines the latest digital marketing technic with proven sales methodology.