How it works – LeadSeed’s platform

How it works - LeadSeed's platform

How it works – LeadSeed’s platform

How it works – LeadSeed’s platform 500 500 Mohamed HAMDOUNI

What is LeadSeed ?

Leadseed is a consulting and a platform company, we help our customers to generate high qualified leads and detect projects.


Our DNA: “Give to Get”:

We really mean content, personalised content that meets prospect needs, that resonates with their ears. As soon as the prospect starts to give details about their situation, their problem versus the implicit need, it is time to send them a report containing high quality personalised information.

Microsoft, Citrix, Konica-Minolta, HPE to name few trust us.

Using a proven SPIN & BANT sales methodology, you will attract your prospects either:

  • In a full digital experience: The prospect interviews himself through a relevant conversation: interactive questioning.
  • In a conversation guide experience for your salespeople: SDR sales development and Inside sales.

We observe a +30% higher engagement compared to so-called traditional marketing assets.






LeadSeed is a B2B Conversation As a Platform generating qualified lead using “give to get” principle and building trust, gaining relationship. It combines the latest digital marketing technic with proven sales methodology.