ServiceNav – Case Study

Uses iLeadSeed in its sales process in order to reduce the cost of sales

ServiceNav – Case Study

ServiceNav – Case Study 582 575 Mohamed HAMDOUNI
“Our challenge is to have a state of art sales qualification in order to increase efficiency and productivity. Before engaging Sales or Pre-Sales resources, our inside sales team has a structured conversation with our prospect. The conversation helps prospect to better define their requirements and priorities. It improves the expertise of our inside sales team and sales and presales received high qualified projects, highest potential and interest “

Francois MATEO, CEO ServiceNav Monitoring.


 ServiceNav has chosen LeadSeed to help the sales team to concentrate on concrete leads and to focus our pre-sales team on significant projects. The “give to get” approach was a key element for the selection of LeadSeed. It helps ServiceNav to increase awareness, give a complete and comprehensive report to the prospects in order to incentive them to engage the conversation. To sum up, ServiceNav selected LeadSeed and uses it in its sales process in order to reduce the cost of sales.


We increase by 30% our win rate and we also increased by 15% our sales with the same sales team.

The outcome for the prospect is an assessment and scoring of their best practices. The outcome for our sales team is a scoring of the project. We defined 3 levels of scoring (green for significant size projects, requirements defined and budget allocated, orange needs to be nurtured, red if “out of the scope”). Thanks to LeadSeed we can focus on concrete leads.

In the ServiceNav sales Go-No Go process, LeadSeed is included to qualify, detect projects and engage pre-sales resources.

In the last 6 months, 200 conversations were created, 61 transformed in projects, 76 on nurturing and 63 on projects or information. ServiceNav saves 1FTE on presales and we increase our order booked by 15% with the same number of resources.

LeadSeed is a B2B Conversation As a Platform generating qualified lead using “give to get” principle and building trust, gaining relationship. It combines the latest digital marketing technic with proven sales methodology.