SCC – Account Manager – Consultative selling – Case Study

SCC penetrate top 50 prospect accounts through consultative selling

SCC – Account Manager – Consultative selling – Case Study

SCC – Account Manager – Consultative selling – Case Study 400 400 Mohamed HAMDOUNI

Account Manager – Consultative selling

“Through the LeadSeed campaign, we secured meetings with our top target prospect accounts and also significantly increased our sales pipeline.  We were pleased that we were able to identify multiple projects per account, giving us more to develop for the long term”.

Jean Marc Delage, SCC France.

The Situation

SCC penetrate top 50 prospect accounts through consultative selling supported by LeadSeed.

The Challenge

This pilot project was funded by HPE as a lead generation and sales person development activity. From a lead generation perspective, there were two main objectives:

  • To penetrate a database of 50 target enterprise accounts. These were high priority prospects for the SCC enterprise sales team
  • To increase the number and value of opportunities in the pipeline through consultative selling

From a sales person development perspective, this activity also needed to ensure a long term impact. The coaching and structure of the software platform would enable a consultative selling approach to be practiced and developed so that the sales team were more able to identify and qualify complicated solution opportunities in the future.

The Solution

LeadSeed worked with SCC and HPE to build a responsive script for an infrastructure assessment for the sales reps to talk through with their prospects. The script ensured that the conversation delivered a consistent value proposition as well as gathering key profiling information. At each stage, LeadSeed signposted next questions to ask to ensure that all potential opportunities were properly qualified.

Working with 3 SCC sales people and HPE Marketing Agency NetPartnering, LeadSeed ran one Blitz Day including coaching and intensive calling using LeadSeed’s Discovery module.

In parallel to the SCC team focusing on the target 50 accounts, NetPartnering also delivered a number of days of telemarketing to a more general prospect database utilizing the same LeadSeed Discovery tool.

The results

The campaign achieved its objectives and provided the required ROI to enable a further campaign to be rolled out. Specifically:

  • 40 meetings were generated in total
  • 10 of these were with the high priority accounts
  • Within 6 weeks, SCC reported that they were working on 10 immediate opportunities with a €1.3m pipeline

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