Organization, Plan & Billing

Welcome to LeadSeed organization and plan FAQ.

Got a question about Typeform billing and payments?

This FAQ section answers to some of the most common plan and billing questions. From how to activate your account to users and permissions managements.

How to add a new LeadSeed user?

How to add a new LeadSeed user? 150 150 Maryam

FAQ} LeadSeed platform administration: As a customer adminstrator, how can I add a new user to my organization account?

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LeadSeed offers

LeadSeed offers 150 150 Mohamed HAMDOUNI

Your offer type and seat (permission) type determine the features your account has. We have 3 main offers with common features and some advanced features per offer. Find out an outline of some of the main differences between our offers.

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How to Sign Up or Upgrade

How to Sign Up or Upgrade 150 150 Mohamed HAMDOUNI

To sign up or Upgrade you LeadSeed subscription, contact our wonderfull sales team at to help you choose the most appropriate solution.

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