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Tracking sales leads to improve conversion 1325 749 LeadSeed

Tracking sales leads to improve conversion

Lead tracking is a painful task in many organizations. In theory, it’s a straightforward enough process to map out to path from cold suspect, through interested prospect to satisfied customer. However, often in practice it’s not a…

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Main Digital Marketing Acronyms 1256 710 LeadSeed

Main Digital Marketing Acronyms

AnyTime, AnyWhere, Any Device ! Got it.  So that’s another thing we need to bear in mind when we’re thinking about how our prospects might be consuming our content. Anyone need any more TLA*s decoding? MQL – Marketing Qualified Lead – a lead hits certain basic profiling criteria and gets passed to sales. SQL –…

No longer the “colouring in” department 1024 694 LeadSeed

No longer the “colouring in” department

While it was never a fair or respectful label, it’s fair to say that these days it further from the truth than ever.  Marketing has become dominated by data and technology.  In fact some marketing teams now have pure mathematicians on board to help crunch all the data involved with modern marketing. The whole ethos…

Who knows what they need? 1165 664 LeadSeed

Who knows what they need?

The use of “need” as a criteria works in the world of telemarketing better than in other lead generation techniques. Take search engine marketing…

Getting the most out of marketing resources 941 628 LeadSeed

Getting the most out of marketing resources

There is some debate about what should be measured when it comes to reporting marketing success. There are many metrics and statistics to record and report, each with their own merit when it comes to measuring performance against marketing goals, but what we are all under pressure to demonstrate back to the purse holders is our…

When is a lead not a lead? 1380 779 LeadSeed

When is a lead not a lead?

The answer from sales teams is, unfortunately, “often”.  Definition of what a lead looks like is an important step in properly joining up sales and marketing activities.   The purpose of marketing is to keep the sales funnel topped up with appropriate prospects for the sales teams to convert.  Everyone accepts that not every lead will…

Where does your data come from? 1319 815 LeadSeed

Where does your data come from?

When Smart Insights: Managing Digital marketing 2015 survey asked for marketer’s Top 3 internal marketing priorities, 61% stated Data Acquisition as one of the three. Data is meant to be one of the key assets of an organisation, but more often than not, the quality leaves a lot to be desired.  Even information on existing…

Inbound beats outbound hands down 1255 708 LeadSeed

Inbound beats outbound hands down

What’s not to like about inbound marketing?  The cost per lead is lower and lead-to-sale conversion rates are higher and faster. Well, the thing is, it can be difficult to transition from a pure outbound mind-set to one that naturally thinks inbound.  Currently, for example, 90% of the marketing activities that Cisco does on behalf…